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Pir-e-Kamil (or Peer-e-Kamil), (Urduپیر کامل صلی اللہ علیہ و آلہ و سلم‎) meaning The Perfect Mentor, is a fiction novel authored by Pakistani writer Umera Ahmad. It was first published in Urdu in 2004 and later in English in 2011. The book deals with the turning points in intervening lives of two people: a runaway girl named Imama Hashim; and a boy named Salar Sikander having a level above 150. The story spans a time period of around ten years.

Plot summary

The story's protagonist, Imama Hashim, belongs to an influential Ahmadiyya family living in Islamabad. She decides to convert to Sunni Islam after being influenced by her friends. She attends her senior shabiha's lectures in secrecy from her family and her roommates, Javeria and Rabia. While studying in a medical school in Lahore, she falls in love for her friend Zainab's elder brother doctor Jalal Ansar. But Imama's family tries to coerce her to marry her first cousin Asjad, which is unacceptable to her as she can not marry a non-Muslim. In the result, her parents respond by locking her up in the house and taking away her cell phone.

Imama seeks help from Salar whom she is antagonistic with since she is a religious girl and Salar is not. He is a rich boy with alevel above 150. Imama wishes to marry Jalal, but Salar lies to her that Jalal has married someone else. Imama is saddened and asks Salar to marry her so that her family will not be able to force her. Salar helps her and marries but soon after loses contact with her.

Imama finds a sanctuary under Sibt-e-Ali and his family. She changes her name and completes her studies and starts working in a pharmaceutical company in Lahore. She hates Salar because he refused to divorce her as he had promised.

Salar later travels to New Haven for education, then he works for United Nations for some time before permanently settling in Lahore. Salar finally sees the errors of his ways and changes for good.Later, the scene shifts near to Kaaba, where Salar and Imama are sitting together worshipping God. Salar realizes that God has given him a blessed women to be his companion, and vows to protect her.
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