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Karachi is widely famous for its outclass and attractive beaches, and rightfully so. The beaches in Karachi are incredibly beautiful, and surely there is nothing better than a day at the beach. There are many beaches in Karachi; names of some of them are as follows:
  • Clifton Beach
  • Hawks Bay
  • Sand Spit
  • French Beach
  • Paradise Point
Because of its appealing feature, that it is the only beach that is in the metropolitan, this is the most travelled place by the people of Karachi. Rests of all the other beaches are more distant away. Although it is so polluted, it is still attractive, and is a pleasant location to visit and enjoy, for a tranquil walk on the beach.
clifton beach see view karachi
It is magnificently sunny and sandy beach, the water is cleanly fine and if you require a tan, it is the place to have a visit. The huts possess total privacy and the outlook is so appealing. If you don’t own a hut there is no issue, here you can find huts for rent. It is decisively worth it. It is a non rocky area of our coast so it is the best beach to take the family.
Hawks bay Karachi
Quite beside hawksbay, it is a good location for turtle observing and a good view. A totally immaculate and positively admirable area, if you visit it at evening there are turtles there everywhere. If you are very careful, you might even get a enjoying ride on one of them.
SandsPit Beach Karachi
French beach is one of the finest beach in Karachi here the water is clean and the air is fresh. The magnificent rocks embedded in the ocean making its view more attractive for its visitors. The waves splashing contrary to these rocks are no doubt a beautiful sight. Right down the road from there is Paradise Point, which sports an impressive outlook of the sea from an abraded hill. A remarkable location to visit for a blend of attractiveness and excitement!
French beach karachi
Almost at the limit of the Sindh province, Paradise point beach is a unique place as its name. It is a rocky area, so no swimming is allowed here; more over it has many other things going for it. Here the water is very clear and you can glimpse to the base of the rocky pools there is just one of them. Because it is so rocky it can be unsafe so be very careful if you are heading down there.
beach at Karachi Beach in karachi Clifton Karachi Karachi beach
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