"Once you can look yourself in the mirror, and smile at the reflection, that’s when you know you are being who you are at the core "

Words are puny to describe your beauty and the beauty that you can create in the world. When we try to make sense of ourselves in the world through words, it is inadequate. There are no words to describe how special you are to the world. There are no words to describe the sheer beauty of kindness, giving, friendship and love in action. What does this mean for us as an individual? As a community?

Beautiful is rooted in action. It is rooted in seeing beautiful in yourself and others. It stems from belief and grows as it's acted upon. It blooms when it is given and received.

You will never grow your identity of beautiful in the glossy pages of a pop culture magazine or see it reflected in the air brushed models plopped on billboards. The words to describe these "sells" of beautiful are short-lived and come up short - way short. The only person who can grow your identity of beautiful is you and that happens in the way you see and create beautiful in your own life.

See beautiful - but in those two words, understand they fail at describing the beauty reflected in the mirror and through your own experiences in the world. That beauty, the beautiful you see, has no words. All the 
beautiful words in the dictionary cannot reflect the gift you are, and you create, in the world.

Sweet Memories

As I stare into the beautiful sunset, birds whoosh past my ears and the noise of the crashing waves batter my ears. The smell of the salty sea intoxicates my lungs. It is only here that can you truly appreciate what you have. As I sit on the cliff top looking over the valley I can hear the kids playing by the beach and the paranoid mother shouting at them to come back home so that they don't get lost at night. It's the end of another day and the start of another as soon the enlightening fireflies light up the sky along with the owl singing in the moonlight. I thoughtlessly stare at the forest. Packed to the brim with wildlife and kids playing hide and seek, what fun it is to be a kid, no work all play. Ahh yes I remember those days when we would walk on the soft but crumbly sand trying to dodge the cold, icy waves on top of that a stranded dolphin washed up on the beach . With its smooth but drying skin and its glimmering fin making it an absolutely stunning creature, I remember how it groaned in.
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